October 1, 2023

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6 Reasons Why People Breakup Their Relationships (Number 2 Is Very Dangerous)

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There are many reasons why people who were previously head over heels in love break up. These are some of those reasons.

Relationship breakup, often referred to as breakup, is the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death.

Breakup happens as a result of different reasons, irrespective of the kind of bond between partners or friends, be it electro-valent or covalent bonding.

A ten year old relationship can break apart so is a relationship that has been rubber stamped by family and friends, it is something that is inevitable, even when you try to put in your very best into the relationship, you still see the breaking coming, until it finally hit you.

This article is not narrowed only to what causes breakup in a dating relationship alone, it also reveals some causes of breakup in friendship relationships.

Below are six reasons people breakup.

1. Betrayal

Many relationships end because of betrayal from friends and spouses.

Betrayal might be as a result of exposing secrets of friends given to you in confidence, lying to your spouse and cheating on your spouse.

Betrayal can be very disheartening when it comes from someone we really trust.

2. Lack Of Trust

When you discover your spouse is cheating on you, or your friendly is an ally to your worst enemy, you’ll start to lose trust in them which could in turn cause a breakup.

3. Not Celebrating Your Spouse Or Friend

This happens a lot in relationships, there are times your friends are celebrating their birthdays or graduation ceremony, and you couldn’t make out time to celebrate them, either by calling, sending texts or gifts, however, you simply ignored feeling it is nothing.

That little act of not celebrating a loved one, can cause pain to the person which could lead to a breakup.

4. Pride

This is known as the downfall of man. Pride has caused a lot of people their relationships; this is because the act of saying sorry has been overtaken by pride.

You know fully well you are wrong, but you make up your mind never to apologise. Pride can cause a relationship of 5years to be history. We should learn to be humble and always say sorry when at a fault.

5. Being Open Minded

When something is wrong or things are not going the way you planned them, you should be able to communicate with your friends or spouse, instead of bottling everything up, expecting them to understand what you are going through.

Not being open-minded with your friends and spouses might put a strain on the relationship which could lead to breakup.

6 When The Relationship Is One Sided Or Driven By One Person

A relationship without equal love will lead to no where. Your friend or spouse do the calling, provide all the necessary things you need, they sacrifice everything just to make the relationship work, still the love is not balanced, this can bring an end to the relationship.

The End!!!