February 2, 2023

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Adventures Of Wizkid & LEO – Episode 1 (Watch)

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Leo to Wizkid’s rescue… Again!

I just watched that Wizkid’s latest clip featuring LEO (if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch the video and my mind began to play up other scenarios where star boy Wizkid uses Leo to get out of ‘trouble’ or sort prior commitments… you know that kain thing.

In case you have seen the Video, you are missing something.

Watch below:-


So here is one… Picture this Scenario

Say Friday night is here and as opposed to turning up Wizkid just wants to sleep in, back to back shows for the past few weeks have left little time for him to catch a break. He’s trying to catch some zzz’s when he hears loud knocks on the door.

He’s immediately annoyed because it is only Steven that has the temerity to always show up at the wrong time.

He starts to shout “broda wizi, broda wizi open door na, na your guy”.

He reluctantly gets up to get the door.

“Stevo na wetin?”

“Broda open door, na me na. You don forget say you talk say we go club this Friday? Time don reach make we dey go. Parte after Parte na im we dey so”

“Stevo if no want make thunder shift your back leg beta find your level” Wizkid says

“Broda you too dey play open door make we dey go”.

Starboy immediately thinks of the best way to get this guy to go away. He quickly sends a text to Leo ‘send N30,000 to Steve Stalky’.

Steven starts to hail him from the door ‘Broda Wizzy Wizo, one and only, oya I go leave you, till tomorrow’.

Without stress, Wizkid can always count on Leo to take care of situations. You can too.

Search for Leo on Facebook Messenger or message him on WhatsApp +2349030002455

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