May 6, 2021

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BE SMART ! See The 9 Ways To Slide Into A Babe’s DM Like A Pro

This is for you, if you want to slide into your crush’s DM and successfully capture her heart.

We are already so deep in the use of social media that everyone already knows and understands what it means to slide into someones DM.

And if you are just playing catch-up on the pop slang, sliding into someone’s DM is a fancy word that describes the act of starting a private conversation with someone on social media platforms, as opposed to bantering on the timeline where other users can see your convo.

With these 9 rules, you’re guaranteed to get almost every babe’s attention.

1. Your First Line

Make sure your icebreaker is dope. Certain greetings like “Hi baby”, “Good morning my angel” “Hi love” might never get responded to.

Why? The lady probably doesn’t even know you like that yet. Don’t be quick to throw words of endearment at her.

2. No Wack Handles/Names

If your name, ID or handle is anything as ridiculous as the following “@Imakemoneyrains @fuckyourbitch @yourfavouriteboyfriend @mymoneygrowlikegrass“, my brother no even try send anything to her because na swear she go swear for you.

3. The Content Of Your Page

Some girls will want guys that upload stacks of cash on their page while some will like when a guy is simple and upload matured pictures but all the same just make your page looks cool and attractive.

There are some page and the owner will snap on their head on their page, excuse me sir, don’t try to send anything oo.

4. Go Straight To The Point

Don’t beat about the bush. Random messages from a guy already arouse suspicions in these ladies, anyway. So it is better to not waste her time and yours.

A recommended way to be direct is this “Hi, my name is Adedeji Balogun. Can I know you better?

5. Tribes Don’t Matter

Most people don’t give two hoots about tribe and religion.

So proceed based on that belief except there are things in her posts or bio to suggest otherwise.

6. Don’t Abbreviate Like A College Kid

Don’t say: “Hi, my name z John. Pliz snd ur numba. I’ll lyk 2 chat wit u on watzapp

Instead, go this way “Hi, my name is John. Please send your number. I’ll like to stay in touch

7. Native Dialects Are Extra Points

Depending on the babe’s DM you are sliding into, “famzing” in a shared local dialect could unlock the door and get you her attention. But never forget, people are different. Some ladies don’t care.

8. Humour And Wit Always Win

A humorous, artistic, sarcastic or witty individual will stand a greater chance. But if you are not… please… don’t try, don’t say OG Deji did not tell you oo.

9. Don’t Over-Do It

Don’t over do your first approach, keep it simple… or you’ll lose at the ‘hello’.

Some will do I too know from the beginning to say “Hey beautiful, actually I’m just passing by and feel like to message you and see how you are doing‘.

If am a girl and you send this, I will beg Instagram/Facebook to please help me block you.

The End!!!

Thanks for checking out 9 Ways To Slide Into A Babe’s DM Like A Pro

Now you can go into your crush DM and shoot your shot.

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