December 4, 2021

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Citi Bulwark – Launches Citi’s Fashion Exhibition 2nd Edition

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Citi Bulwark Model Management; Nigerian’s most renowned model-scouting agency, has announced the launch of ‘Citi’s Fashion Exhibition 2nd edition’, and also revealed plans to celebrates & showcase models that went through Citi Bulwark Modelling Academy into the entertainment industry while promoting fashion, talents and brands.

In a recent statement, signed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Temilade Adeyemo, she said ‘Citis Fashion Exhibition’,is designed to launch the models from the academy into the industry fully. Which comes with the package of a fashion show, certificate and award & celebration of Citi Bulwark Modelling academy.

According to her, Citi’s Fashion Exhibition as a unique Fashion platform, always celebrates the best out of the Models, showcasing their creativity, and connoisseurs to the world, from Fashion designers, Makeup Artists, to Exhibitors and Stylists….

Since its inception in 2014, Citi Bulwark has received distinguishing recognition for its discovery of diverse and unique modelling talents and their placements in top international model management companies.

Its operating strategy has also provided the agency with a unique advantage that allows a wide spectrum of collaborations across several international model management partners all over the world.

Temilade said that the expansion of the Citi Bulwark Model Look competition would open a platform for a wider range of opportunities within the modelling industry for African women.

“Citi Bulwark is a company with a management capacity set at 50 talents yearly by choice and by our 2019 policy to keep and create a tailored management style for each managed talent.

“We gave a platform to young talents to dream and generate their wealth; it’s time to expand that reach, to give the platform to EVERY WOMAN & MAN in the right deserving bracket.

“Citi’s Fashion Exhibition stimulates avenues for access to new business ventures, opportunities and collaborations for designers.,” she noted