September 27, 2023

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A MUST READ!!! Davido The “Hidden Cure” That Can Save The Whole World From Coronavirus

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Wait Oo! Did Davido claim to have tested Negative to the COVID-19 – How Come?

No, you shouldn’t quote me wrong, am not praying for him to have the Coronavirus, but how come he still doesn’t have it? Upon all…

Upon all what? I know that’s the question that struck your mind right now – Well stay with me, I will take you on a tour through my own “Curio-City

Since the woeful news about the Chef Chi contracting the coronavirus broke, I imagined how down the dump Davido should be, but seems my guessing was not even close to being right. Davido is still highly-spirited as f*ck.

However, at my own end here, I was going through a severe contemplation on how Davido and 30 other 30BG crew tested Negative to the virus – perhaps, that was a very good way to kill boredom while observing my own stay at home.

Well through my reflection for some days, I came to the conclusion that Davido is the “Hidden Cure” & “National Treasure” we’ve been looking for in the whole world.

Even has many pour out their disbelief on Twitter about Chioma’s Coronavirus status, I didn’t see Davido lying about such a delicate thing all in the name of clout-chasing.

No!!! Coronavirus is too big to play with, many people will be left shaky and rickety after they heard Chioma tested positive cause they’ve been in contact with her. More reason Davido won’t lie about that.

A particular tweet that was torch lighting how Davido is lying said;

Well with this tweet, my reflection steer towards another angle and there I arrived at this notion that “Davido is Immune to this Coronavirus‘. Yes, I said what I said.

Being Immune to the virus means he can’t have the virus even if they inject the coronavirus into his body, the virus can’t live within him.

How’s Davido Immune To Coronavirus?

Davido and Chioma are two lovebirds that have both displayed how smoochy they can be sometimes, and we can’t even fathom what they’re both capable of be doing behind close doors and if Coronavirus is being transmitted by Respiratory droplet like Saliva, then Davido would have swallowed litres of it.

So If Chioma has the virus then Davido should have, and if he doesn’t have it means just one thing “he’s immune”.

Just when I was thinking of how Davido can save the world and becomes the “World Giant” then the news that Governor, Seyi Makinde of Oyo state tested positive to Coronavirus broke out.

How does this now concern Davido being immune?

Well, I won’t leave you guys behind in this gist.

Exactly 9 days ago as at when am writing this content, the DMW honcho, Davido was with Governor Seyi Makinde, in his abode in Oyo State, and today Seyi Makinde was tested positive.

No! am not saying Davido gave him the virus Oo! am just buttressing my claim that Davido is immune to this Coronavirus.

Seyi Makinde suspected to have the virus, after Atiku’s son was tested positive and he met with Seyi Makinde during the PDP rally held at Oyo State, and now the Governor has it and Davido still doesn’t. E be thing!!!

The best closeness the Governor would have been with Atiku’s son is ‘Shaking of hands‘ and most ‘hugging‘ themselves, and boom the governor received the virus, Davido sure did the same shaking of hands and hugging with the governor days after he met with Atiku’s song and he still doesn’t have the Coronavirus.

Indeed he’s a Son of Mercy.


Davido came in very close contact with two Coronavirus patients and he still doesn’t have coronavirus.

Davido is Immune to the Virus and he’s blood can be used to create a vaccine that can cure or fight Coronavirus.

Davido is the global treasure we need to fight off this pandemic globally!

Davido is on-becoming the “Global Giant”

Or Guys 👇

Should Davido Go And Re-Take The Coronavirus Test?

Let’s hear from you…