October 2, 2023

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I Have Raised Our Son Alone – 9ice’s Ex-wife, Toni Payne

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Toni Payne, ex-wife of popular Nigerian musician, 9ice has said on social media that she raised their son, Zion 100% alone.

The pair split years back after rumours that she cheated on 9ice with Ruggedman, though 9ice has since publicly come forward to apologize that Payne did not cheat on him.

Toni Payne has now taken to social media to state that the singer has not played a role in raising their child, Zion.

See what she wrote below;

Every Xmas we wish for the best presents and even lots of money my wish every year has always been to have peace of mind and to be able to give my son the best of this world.

I am fully committed to those two things. Looking back at all the pictures and I gotta say I don’t give myself enough credit.

I have raised Z 100% alone without complaining but with a heart that is always grateful to God. He lights up my world and that to me is Everything

To every parent, especially the single parents (male or female) raising their kids without help from the co-producer, I know it’s not easy but my wish for you this season is that God gives you the tools you need to give your child(ren) the best childhood possible. Always stay positive and refrain from any negative energy.

Never get mad cos guess what? God has a plan for you and the energy you put out matters.

They will grow to appreciate you and be a positive pillar in society. I am beyond grateful because there was a point where I didn’t know where to go with my child, but God said, no no no, you are mine and you shall not suffer.

I can afford to take him around the world, creating awesome memories because my determination never shifted and God truly favors Zion. He is the precious cornerstone that even I lean on.

I call him my lucky charm cos there is nothing my heart desires for him that God doesn’t make a way for.

To anyone struggling or unhappy this season, stay hopeful and put a smile on that face. Soon, you will testify to his goodness.