November 29, 2023

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LET’S TALK! Do We Have Any Hit Song So Far This Year?

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We’ve had popular singles which have gone on to gain commercial success, but do we have hits in 2020?

Surveying the soundscape so far this year, we as music consumers are confronted with a problem: have we had any hit songs so far this year?

Our minds travel back to artists who have given us hits in the past to see if they’ve had any hit song this year:

Wizkid – Smile, No stress
Burna Boy -Wonderful, Way too big, 23
Davido – FEM
Naira Marley – Aye, As E Dey Go


While these music releases might be popular and occupy top spots on the charts, they are not hits. Hits in the region of when we had SocoKillin DemIfMafo etc

Covid might have contributed to this “problem” but also, it’s due to the way artists keep dumping songs on us week in, week out.

And also, most artists are using the same strategy: playlisting, radio airplays and some have resorted to TrueView to jack up YouTube views

Either way, it’s up to you to decide:

Do We Have Any Hit Song So Far?
If Yes, Mention One or Two

Drop your comments.