October 1, 2023

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Cashout Media List!!! 3 Things Olamide Can Do To Take Back His Throne From Naira Marley (No. 3 Is Very Important)

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Olamide is one of the legendary rappers in Nigeria that their names will forever be engraved in the Pop history of Nigeria.

There’s a stage you attain in life, you’ve achieved so much more in the past but this present stage, you want to tweak one or two about your career and yet still remain relevant but you’re confused on how to run it.

This is the current state of Olamide.

An artist whose legendary status is confirmed but in the last two years, Olamide has struggled to drop those hits he once uses to release effortlessly.

To remember Olamide’s last long-lasting single, we might have to travel to 2017 to revisit “Wo“, a genre-defining single that was the highlight of the Wobey sound.

A quick return to 2019, Olamide is being ignored for awards, which is not a surprise but a confirmation of his decline.

2020 presents a chance for Olamide to reclaim his throne from a friend, Naira Marley and here’s what he can do to achieve that.

1. A Refix Of His Sound

Olamide started his career with a blend of street lingua and this fiery rap sequence, while he has simmered down to pop music, there’s a difference, Olamide’s music has become non-relatable.

Singles like Pawon has scenes of nudity which most people’s might not like and Choko Milo is freestyle with no clear meaning.

SOLUTION:- Get an A&R to fix his sound.

2. Being Active On Social Media

Olamide might be one of those artists who post regularly but then, he doesn’t seem to converse and interact with his listeners especially on Twitter.

It’s a far crying from today’s artistes who bank on their social media followers to stream their music and ensure they stay relevant.

An example is Naira Marley and Wizkid who tweet relevant topics.

SOLUTION:- Get a social media handler

3. Hire A Songwriter

Well, this might be strange but most artistes in the Nigerian music industry have a group of songwriters. Ceeza Milli wrote, “On The Low” for Burna Boy and “Lova Lova” for Tiwa Savage.

Olamide himself contributed lyrics to Tiwa Savage’s 49-99 and we all know the Davido story right from time.

The best artiste in the world right now, Drake moves around with producers and songwriters, so it’s no big deal if Olamide has one.

No one will even know if he has one.

We all love Olamide and want him to get back to his usual best churning out those hits for us.

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