October 1, 2023

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Slavery In Our Labour Market – Sppice Of’lagos Shares His Recent Job Experience

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Hello guys I would like to advise us on job change because I was so frustrated with my recent job, after going for an interview with another it took them time to reach back and told me to resign from my current job to process my new job.

After resigning, 3days before I went to the new company I was called that I will be trained for 2yrs which was the second red flag.

The first red flag is that all the top officers of the company were women which I was uncomfortable with.

I got there yesterday to pick up a work tool and all I saw was a turn-off

1. IT guy asked me to turn on my data to set up the laptop they will give me

2. We will be working from home till Corona clears out. No power (Gen) support, I asked for data and the hr guy said I will reach out to Admin.

3. No pension, HMO, housing scheme, transportation, I was already boiling inside me

4. He said I am resuming as a contract staff and they will make me full staff at their convenient time. That I just heard that day.

4. I will work one year before I am entitled to leave. I will be under supervision for 2yrs and cannot leave the company within that period

5. The Most annoying part is that he said it is a Christian company I nearly slap the guy.

These and many other red flags I saw.

So guys do not resign from your previous job before taking another offer.

If the new offer is not good enough turn it down and continue with the old job till a better one comes.