November 29, 2023

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Top 5 Ways To Make Money Legitimately In Nigeria Just By Using Your Phone (No. 2 Will Make You Rich)

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The world has gone digital… Everything is at the behest of our fingers. Averagely, we spend a reasonable amount of time on our phone, so, why are you not making money with it?

One of the major solutions especially for young people is to find ways to make a living and be self-sufficient instead of waiting for jobs that may never come, without practising cybercrime or any of those fraudulent acts.

Here are top 5 ways to make money from your phone;

1. Trading

The age-old buying and selling is still one of the coolest ways to make money today and with the advent of social media especially Facebook and Instagram where you can showcase your goods for free, advertise on a slim budget and sell to a wide network of people.

There are also several e-commerce platforms such as Jumia, Shopify and so on, where you can showcase – more like an online shop.

All that you require to get started is little capital to either purchase the goods or create a simple setup to start production. Things to buy and sell ranges from fashion items, groceries, home appliances, electronic gadgets and so on.

2. Forex/Cryptocurrency

With diligence and perseverance, you can own e-money with Forex and Cryptocurrency, both of which are legit online trading businesses.

With as little as 100 USD (United States Dollar), you can begin your Forex business. You will need to understand how to trade intuitively and timely when the markets are volatile.

The higher the risks, the higher the glory (or loss). As for cryptocurrency, the principles are almost the same. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies today are Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

3. Content Creation

Content is king…and the one who creates it is the kingmaker! If you are very adept at telling engaging stories using various artistic elements, then you should consider content writing. Content Creation is not limited to writing alone; photographers, graphics designers, illustrators and other visual creators are all involved. If you think you do not have the skill, that is not an issue either. With as low as 25,000 Naira, you can learn the skill and you can make up to a million on a project as you grow.

4. Social Media Influencing

This is the next big thing… A Social media influencer is an individual who has established credibility in a particular industry, has access to a massive audience and can persuade others to act based on their endorsements.

An influencer uses different social media platforms to express their opinion on specific products or brands, and subsequently influence their captive audience.

You amass plenty followers on social media, you continue doing what you love doing and you collaborate with corporate bodies to push their message to you audience.

Don’t be a slave to your social media, doing all for likes and comment… You can do that and get paid also.

5. Agriculture

This is the bedrock of every nation as a nation that is underfed or starved cannot grow.

Nigeria is a consuming nation and as such, our current food production capacity cannot feed the entire nation. With this in mind, you can choose to go into agriculture and you do not just make money, you also help in solving a major problem.

There are new setups where you send them money and they invest your money in agriculture and they share profit with you after specified time. Example is KleenFarmers.
With the recent closure of border, now is the best time to invest in agriculture.

The End!!!

I hope that from this moment on, you can begin to think deeply on going into any of these businesses.

If you do not have the capital yet, now is the best time to start saving for it. If you need external help, now is the best time to ask for it.

If there is any other business you think can be in the list, kindly comment below so other people can learn.

Truth is, you can wait for the government for a thousand years to provide jobs or you can start with what you have today. The ultimate choice is yours.

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