October 2, 2023

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WOW!! Forget Jaaruma, These Are The 3 Ways To Keep Your Man Without Jazz

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Well, it was only a few months ago that some ladies took to a popular Twitter influencer’s timeline to gist about the lengths they have had to go to keep their boyfriends and husbands.

Sadly, those ways as listed by those ladies are far from the correct ways of keeping a man.

Well, I am pretty sure you know what I’m talking about but if by any chance you don’t, just log on to Twitter and search for the name “Oloni”.

And in the process, another popular “influencer”, this time on Instagram, came into the mentions – can you guess who it was?

Jaaruma! 😳😳

Most of the ways the girls listed on Oloni’s page are scary and very shocking. Ladies can do anything just to keep their men.

In fact, Oloni started trending immediately Ladies started commenting on her page and from the comments, most guys were shocked at the things these claimed they do. I really wish I can share the screenshots with you guys.

Well, today, we want to share these 3 proven ways on how to keep your man without using jazz at all.


1. Stay Interesting And Interested

Many times, ladies forget how they were when the relationship began. We think it’s just men who are guilty of this, but women are also guilty of it as well.

When you first begin a relationship with him, remember how you would always think of new, interesting and exciting things to do for and with him? We tend to lose that as the relationship progresses but men can feel it when we lose that vibe.

So, in order to keep our man, we need to keep that early relationship vibe by staying interesting and interested.

Trust me, it works a treat!

2. Don’t Play Games

You see, this should be advice No. 1, but no problem, let’s keep it going. We ladies are fond of something; always playing hard to get, even when we are already in a relationship.

I should tell you this, it is a very terrible thing to do. It makes absolutely no sense in playing hard to get with someone you are already in a relationship with – what’s the point exactly?

You may have heard things like “don’t text back straight away”, “chat to other guys to make him jealous”, “treat him mean to keep him on his toes”.

While the intention of these things might be to keep him interested, but you’re doing also under a disguise. In other words, you’re chasing him away.

It might seem to work in the interim, but for how long do you think he can keep up with that? If you’re with him and giving him the cold shoulder, somebody out there might be giving him the warm shoulder.

By playing games, you’re not showing him who you really are. You’re not giving him the best of yourself.

3. Be Spontaneous

One thing men admire, even if they don’t tell you, is spontaneity. It thrills them to no end and it is a vital part of being able to have fun and enjoy life. Of course, making plans is fun too, but if you feel you can’t ever just decide to wake up in the morning and go and do something completely unplanned, you’re missing out.

Being spontaneous with your man is a chance to show him what you’re made of. There’s plenty of time later for the habits and routines that inevitably develop in a long-standing partnership.

And there’s nothing wrong with habits and routines, but we all need a break from them. Routine is associated with work and obligation, spontaneity with fun and freedom. Be the person your guy associates with fun.

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